Components is a publication and research group that assembles, investigates, and editorializes large datasets. We make most of the data we use in our research freely available. You can see what’s available on our Datasets page.

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  • Andrew Thompson

  • Kyle Paoletta

  • Jules Becker

  • Guido Flichman

Press and studies

Gender bias recognition in political news articles - Machine Learning with Applications, 06/15/2022 (forthcoming)

The Future of Streaming Services May Be In The Past - The New Inquiry, 6/2/2022

Mining for Fake News - Advanced Information Networking and Applications, 03/31/2022

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What does Epic Games buying Bandcamp mean for DIY music? - Resident Advisor, 3/16/2022

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Cultural cartography with word embeddings - Poetics, 08/2021

Tous les genres musicaux et leur répartition sur la planète, dans une carte interactive - tsugi, 1/22/2021

Disinformation: analysis and identification - Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory, 06/18/2021

Bandcamp a créé une carte interactive regroupant tous les genres musicaux de chaque ville - Trax, 01/25/2021

The disturbing belly of the 'step' porn trend - Mashable, 8/10/20

Questa estensione vuole fottere l’algoritmo dei suggeriti di Pornhub - Vice Italy, 12/20/2019

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