1,000,000 Bandcamp sales

This dataset contains 1,000,000 items from Bandcamp's sales feed between 9/9/2020 and 10/2/2020 and is a slice of the whole dataset of 6.7 million sales used in The Chaos Bazaar, which analyzed sales between 9/1/2020 and 12/31/2020. It contains the following columns:

  • _id: unique identifier combining the sale's URL and UTC timestamp.
  • url: the path to the item on Bandcamp. Use this column to join this dataset to the dataset of Bandcamp items.
  • artist_name: Name of the artist.
  • album_title: Title of the album, if applicable.
  • art_url: path to the item's art image.
  • item_type: denotes the type of object. a for digital albums, p for physical items, and t for digital tracks.
  • slug_type: also denotes the type of object. a for all albums, p for merch, and t for tracks.
  • utc_date: the UTC timestamp of the sale datetime.
  • country_code: country code of the buyer.
  • country: full country code name of the buyer.
  • item_price: price of the item in the seller's currency.
  • currency: the seller's currency.
  • amount_paid: amount paid in the seller's currency.
  • amount_paid_fmt: amount paid in the seller's currency, with the currency symbol.
  • amount_paid_usd: amount paid converted to US Dollars.
  • amount_over_fmt: amount voluntarily paid over the item price in the seller's currency.

There are more columns than this. If a column is not listed here, it's because it's either ambiguous or unimportant.