76,822 Product Hunt products


This dataset, used in the report The Gamer and the Nihilist, includes every product from Product Hunt's sitemap, covering the period between 1/1/2014 to 12/31/2021. The sitemap was retrieved in late 2020, mid 2021, and early 2022 — only products that fall within the specified temporal range are included.

Based on experience, not every product that appears on Product Hunt seems to appear on the sitemap. While the precise pattern is unclear, products that receive little to no attention, or have no hunters, seem to be left out of the index.


The dataset includes 76,822 total products. It includes the following columns (because the dataset is a CSV, all fields are str, and it would be wise to apply something along the lines of, for example, literal_eval):

  • _id: the product page URL.
  • last_updated: the most recent UTC datetime the row's values were updated.
  • name: the product's name.
  • product_description: the short description of the product on its page.
  • release_date: the date the product was published to Product Hunt.
  • product_of_the_day_date: the day the product received the Product of the Day distinction, if applicable.
  • product_ranking: the Product of the Day ranking it received, if applicable.
  • main_image: URL of the product image.
  • upvotes: the number of upvotes received as of the last updated column.
  • websites: the product's website(s).
  • category_tags: the product's list of category tags.
  • hunter: the username of the hunter.
  • makers: a list of the usersnames of the makers.